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Lunch Money

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Lunch Money

by Andrew Clements

illustrated by Brain Sleznick




ISBN - 0689866852

Ages - 8 to 12

224 Pages


Lunch Money Summary: Greg has been obsessed with money his entire life.  There has never been a time he has not taken up an odd job or two to make a few extra dollars.  From making his brothers' beds to mowing a neighbor's lawn, Greg makes more money than he can spend.  Early on Greg learns the value of a dollar, the workings of a savings account and what interest is.  Greg spends a lot of his free time thinking of ways to make money.  He opens a lemonaid stand on his block.  Since his is the only stand, he can set his prices as he wants.  One day Greg notices his neighbor, Maura, opening a stand right across the street.  How can that be?  He was here first.  The competition between Greg and Maura gets ugly.  Always thinking, Greg decides to open business in his school.  Selling toys and candy lands him in the Principal's office, but that does not deter Greg.  Hard work and dedication pay off after a summer spent developing a line of little comic books called Chunky Comics.  Greg develops a business plan and starts selling these gems at school.  His business is thriving, that is until Maura starts selling mini comic books also.  This fun tale weaves its way down an economic road of twists and turns.  Will Greg and Maura compete for business or will they be shut down?


Why you should use this book:  Lunch Money is a great book to introduce the basic concepts of Economics.  Students will be able to apply economic reasoning while understanding the power of decisions.  The students need to understand basic economics theories so they become intelligent consumers and members of a global marketplace.  Lunch Money will help students connect terms like monopoly, supply and demand, advertising and wants and needs to their lives.  Greg and Maura help make a complicated subject, economics, fun and entertaining. 


Below you will find several links that can be used to help teach this book to a group of students.  The choice is yours - read this book as a class or have the students read the book individually.  Either way, the unit provides several links from Essential Questions that will get your students thinking and questioning to Lesson Plans developed around a central standard, this unit will get your studnets thinking about how important economics is in their daily lives.




Essential Questions

Lunch Money_Essential Questions


Vocabulary and Vocabulary Activities

Lunch Money Vocabulary Page

Lunch Money_Vocabulary_Activities


Lesson Plans

Lunch Money_Lesson Plans


End of Unit Materials

Lunch Money_Top Ten

End of Unit Assessment



Lunch Money_Resources

Lunch Money Summative Research


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