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Trail of Tears Vocabulary Fill-in-the-blank

Page history last edited by Franci Frisch 14 years, 6 months ago

Vocabulary Fill-in-the-blank

Created by Franci Frisch



Name:  _________________________________                  Date:  _________________



Directions:  Read each sentence and choose the word from the word list that best completes the sentence.  Write the word on the line provided in each sentence.  Each word will only be used once.



removal                       Andrew Jackson            profits                        excessive


merchant                     unpleasant                   John Ross                    plantation


mandatory                   impatient                     enterprising                  Sequoyah


dispense                      migration                     exiled                          coerced


requisitioned               confinement                  systematically              astonished



1.         Companies raise their prices in order to make _________________.



2.         When your parents are driving it is ________________ that they stop when they come to a stop sign.



3.         Woodland has machines that will ________________ pencils for a quarter.



4.         In the fall, there is always a ________________ of geese south to warmer weather.



5.         Some people are ________________ in creating new products.



6.         Successful students ________________ do their homework.



7.         ________________ was the principal chief of the Cherokee.



8.         People ask for the ________________ of your shoes before walking on their carpet.



9.         The seventh president, ______________________________, was a major player in the removal of the Cherokee.



10.       The ________________ opened his store everyday at 8:00 a.m.



11.       ________________ created the Cherokee written alphabet.



12.       My dad went to the car parts store and ________________ a new battery.



13.       The new leader ________________ the old leader to a different country.



14.       A skunk makes a very ________________ odor.



15.       Sugar cane is grown on large ________________ down south.



16.       An ________________ amount of noise in the lunchroom is not allowed.



17.       I wanted the show to start and was growing ________________ while I waited.



18.       I was ________________ by the fabulous 4th of July fireworks show.



19.       Zoo animals are in ________________ for your protection and theirs.



20.       It is not good to be ________________ into doing something that will get you into trouble.



Reference: Dr. Robert J. Marzano


Trail of Tears

Franci Frisch Efolio

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Jody Kaplan said

at 8:26 am on Oct 20, 2008

Great job! I would get rid of "Cross out each word as you use it."

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