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Book Title

Independent Reading Level




Notes on Included Lesson Materials

The California Gold Rush

 4th Grade

California Gold Rush - Discovery & Change 

Grade 4 - 8   I. E. U.S. History - Growth and Westward Expansion, 1801 -1861

Grade 4 - 8   VI. BEconomic - Economic and Decision Making.  Benchmark 1. Scarcity 2Choices and Decision Making 

Student Centered Lesson - See material list.

Lincoln: Through the Lens

 5th Grade

Abraham Lincoln/

Civil War

Grades 4-8

I. U.S. History

F. Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850s-1870s

1. Students will know and understand the roles of significant figures and battles of the Civil War Era and analyze their significance, including Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Harriet Tubman and Battle of Gettysburg. 

Student Centered Lesson Plan using Primary Sources; PowerPoint; Book; Handouts

If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon 

4th - 5th Grade

Westward Expansion and Migration

(Grade 4 - 8)

I. E. U.S. History - Growth and Westward Expansion, 1801 - 1861

Lesson plan on the Oregon Trail including primary sources, vocabulary, videos, internet resources, and all materials necessary to complete it.   

































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