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Trail of Tears Lesson Plan 


Title: The Trail of Tears

Author: Michael Burgan

Other info: 48 pages, ISBN#: 0-7565-0101-6, published in 2001


This book gives students a timeline of the events that lead up to the "Trail of Tears" for the Cherokee Indians.  The students will learn why it is called the "Trail of Tears."  They will also learn about the Europeans, different battles that took place, treaties that were signed, the U.S. decision to try and "civilize" the Cherokee, reasons for westward expansion, and finally, what happened on the trail. 


This book is written in a style that will be easy for your 4th or 5th graders to understand.  There are several illustrations to help your visual students.  The back of the book has a list of important people, a timeline, a glossary, and a few "Did You Know?" facts.  I believe you will find this book very beneficial in teaching your students about power, authority, and governance; the use of timelines; and people in history who made an impact.


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Comments (1)

Sarah Lee said

at 4:24 pm on Oct 15, 2008

I think the cooperative learning activity of creating a timeline in groups is a great opportunity for students to work in groups and to learn from each other. I also like the idea of using a crossword as an assessments tool. It is an activity the students enjoy, but it also provides a way for the teacher to assess student learning. The use of technology with the vocabulary Power Point gives students a great visual of each word in order to help them better understand the words from the lesson(s). Great ideas and use of creativity in your lesson Franci!

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