The Secret of Sarah Revere--Compare and Contrast--Characters' Responses

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Compare and Contrast

According to Different Perspectives




 Action or Attribute: 







1.       Fear--There are many references throughout the book, but you may want to check out the following: 

a.  as portrayed by Debby  (page 85)



b.  as portrayed by  Rachel (page 85)

c.  as portrayed by  Lady Frankland (page 271)







2.  Being a part of    something. 


a.  as portrayed by Sarah  (page 216, 259) 

b.  as portrayed by father, Paul Revere:

c.  as portrayed by Dr. Warren (page 294)







 3.  Truth versus Gossip



 a.  as portrayed throughout the first chapters, throughout the whole book, and chapter 20. 


b.  as portrayed by father, Paul Revere (page 83 and chapter 20). 

 c.  as portrayed by brother, Paul Revere (page 188)




With your group members:   (1) write some notes on the back of this paper, describing the character's responses to each attribute--using the page numbers for help in finding information.   

Discuss:  (2) times when you've experienced similar feelings; (3) which of the characters in this book do you relate most to regarding this attribute?  and (4) if you had lived in the time of the Revolutionary War, do you think you would have been a Patriot, a Loyalist, or remained neutral?  


(5)  As a homework assignment, choose one of the attributes from the table above, and write a paragraph comparing and contrasting two characters' responses in regards to this attribute.   



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