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Oh, Freedom!

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Students can each edit their own page or collaborate on pages and projects; easy-to-use - recommended especially for elementary students. This particular site was a collaboration among college students; my contribution is shown below. 



    Subtitle: Kids Talk About the Civil Rights Movement with the People Who Made It Happen

    Authors: Casey King and Linda Barrett Osborne; Forward by Rosa Parks

    Other info: 138 pages, ISBN#: 0-590-67529-X, published in 1997


     This book is the result of a 4th grade civil rights movement project by St. Anthony's Grade School in Washington, D.C. Each year, students were asked to interview people  who were part of the civil rights movement and record their conversations. The conversations were written down verbatim and accumulated over time. Eventually, a collaborative effort expanded the project into a book. The result is this rich, diverse look at the time period by those who had personally experienced it.


     The interviews are poignant, sad, tragic, and uplifting. They truly give the reader a feel for what was happening at the time and the perseverance shown by African-Americans as they struggled for equal rights. They are accompanied by historic and personal photos.





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