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Book Title

Independent Reading Level




Notes on Included Lesson Materials

 A Family Apart

4th - 6th grade

Orphan Trains

Grade 4-8 IV.B. Historical Skills:  Historical Resources

Grade 4-8 IV.C. Historical Skills:  Historical Inquiry

Citizen Action Lesson Plan - utilizes cooperative grouping

Primary Source Lesson Plan - utilizes cooperative grouping, contains a slideshow of pictures from a woman who came to Minnesota on an orphan train

Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Story

4th - 7th grade

Orphan Trains


Grades 4-8 I.G. US History: Reshaping the Nation and the Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1916

Grades 4-8 IV. B. Historical Skills: Historical Resources

Grades 4-8 IV. C. Historical Skills:  Historical Inquiry


Citizen Action Lesson Plan - includes collaborative groups, current organization websites

Large Group Lesson Plan - includes collaborative work and critical thinking skills

Train to Somewhere 

2nd - 4th grade

Orphan Trains


K-3 I.A. US History: Family Life Today and in the Past

K-3 B. Historical Skills: Historical Resources


Lesson Plan - vocabulary introduction, reading of the story and personalized writing assignment 































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