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ED 3050/7050 

ED 3240 Social Studies Methods

ED 3353/7753 Secondary Social Studies

Dr. Siri Anderson







 Investigate the world

Know ourselves (and each  other)

Inspired as we are....through literature!







Elementary Licensure Candidates in Bemidji State University's DLiTE program and from St. Catherine University are proud to share their work from ED 3240 Social Studies Methods -- and welcome you to use their work for your own classroom instruction! This wiki shares materials they developed to enrich their K-8 students' content area knowledge and literacy skills through engaging Social Studies lessons designed around great books.


Find out what!

Access lesson materials through links below.


  • Individual student work is organized alphabetically by Book Title


  • Or regionally by topic in the Wikisota


  • If you want to learn about colonial American history or The Mayflower this special project work will help you!


  • If you want to learn about Industrialization or Minnesota History consider Building America


  • Kernels of Truth an exploration of themes in The Omnivore's Dilemma using Children's Literature



Find out how!



Find out why!


  • Deep Thoughts




Support materials for students:



We want to hear from you! 


  • Feedback
  • Participate in our Social Studies Diigo account. Here are the latest findings!
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